Data Policy

This policy describes the information we process when you use Exnear.
The Exnear platform (website or application) is operated by the website owners, and we refer to ourselves in this policy as "Exnear", "we", "us", or "our".
Additional tools and information can be found in your Exnear Settings.

1. The kinds of information we collect

To provide you the Exnear services, we must process information about you.
You can access, update, and delete information we collect by visiting your Exnear Settings.

Information and content you provide

We collect the content and other information you provide when you use our services, including when you sign up for an account, or post ads. This can include information in or about the content you provide, for instance, the date and time the information entered the system. Our system automatically processes content you and others provide, in order to analyze the context and what's in them for the purposes described below.

Your usage

We collect information about how you use our services, such as the types of content you view or engage with, the actions you take, the device and browser you use, the time and duration of your activities, and identifiers like your IP address. We log this information when you use our services.

2. How we use this information

In order for us to provide and support the Exnear services described in our terms, we use the information we have (depends on choices you make) as we explain:

Provide and personalize

We use the information we have, such as content, preferences and activities based on the data we collect and learn from you, in order to deliver our services, and to personalize content and features for you.

Location-related information: We use your location (the country where you live), to provide and personalize our services for you and others. Location-related information can be based on your device location (if you've allowed us to collect it), or on your IP address.

Communicate with you

We use the information we have to communicate with you about our services, let you know about our policies and terms, send you marketing communications, and also to respond to you when you contact us.

Analytics and research

We use the information we have, such as your activity, pages you visit, and actions you take, in order to develop, test, and improve our services. This information helps us analyze which parts of the website or application you found most useful and engaging so that we can improve them.

Security and integrity

We use the information we have to detect violations of our terms or policies, prevent spam, identify and combat malicious activity, and maintain the integrity of our services. This information helps the Exnear platform to be safe and secure.

3. How is this information shared?

We share your information with others in the following ways:

People and accounts you communicate with

When you use our services to communicate with people, those people can see the content you send. This public information can be seen by anyone, if they have an account or not, as well as whether they use our services or not. This includes the ads you post, and profile information such as your name, country location, and profile photo. You, other people, and we can provide access to or send public information to anyone, whether they use our services or not, for instance, in search results, or through tools and APIs. Public information can also be seen, accessed, reshared or downloaded through third-party services such as search engines, APIs, and offline media such as apps, websites, TV and other services.

New owner

If the ownership or control of our services changes, in whole or in part, we may transfer your information to the new owner.

Law enforcement or legal requests

If we receive requests from law enforcement, or legal requests, we may share information about you with them.

4. How can I manage or delete my data?

We provide you with the ability to access, rectify, move and erase your data. Learn more in your Exnear Settings.

We store data until it is no longer necessary to provide our services, or until your account is deleted. This is a case-by-case determination that depends on things such as the nature of the data, why they were collected and processed, and relevant legal or operational retention needs.

When you delete your account, we delete things you have posted, such as your ads and photos, and you won't be able to recover that information later. If you don't want to delete your account but want to temporarily stop using our services, you can deactivate your account instead. To delete or deactivate your account at any time, please visit your Exnear Settings.

5. How do we operate and transfer data as part of our global services?

We share information globally, with those you connect, share, and exchange around the world in accordance with this policy. Your information may, for instance, be transferred or transmitted to, or stored and processed in the United States or other countries outside of where you live for the purposes as described in this policy. These data transfers are necessary in order for us to operate globally, and to provide the services described in our terms, to you and everyone. We obtain your consent for these data transfers to the United States and other countries.

6. How will we notify you of changes to this policy?

We will notify you when we make changes to this policy, and give you the opportunity to review the revised policy before you choose to continue using our services. Changes are effective immediately after they are posted on this page.

7. How to contact us with questions?

If you have questions about this policy, you can contact us.
We may resolve any disputes you have with us regarding our privacy policies.

Date of Last Revision: July 15, 2018